About Amanda

I have been a professional Makeup +Hair Artist for over 15 years.

Beginning my career in Australia, has led me to other parts of the world to

expand my knowledge and skill in my chosen craft. I have worked extensively in

different areas of the makeup world have an easy-going manner, adaptable

approach, and a deep appreciation of the creative process.



USA:: 2016: The Holdouts –Makeup Designer

             2016 :After Louie - Makeup Designer

             2016 : Three Trembling Cities –Makeup Designer

             2016: Tokyo NY – Makeup Designer

             2015: I Can I Will I Did –Makeup Designer

             2015: Moral Compass - Makeup Designer

           2015: Colston Brief -Makeup Designer

             2015: The Hunter’s Anthology –Makeup Designer

             2014: Sugar –Makeup Designer

             2014: The Mary Project – Makeup Designer

             2014: People You Know –Makeup Designer

             2013: Becoming Mim –Makeup Designer

Australia: 2011: Surviving Georgia – Makeup and Hair

                   2011: Tagged –Makeup Designer




USA: 2016:Victoria’s Secret – Hair Department

           2016:Americas Next Top Model-Makeup Department

           2014: Bill Cunningham Show –Makeup Department

Australia: 2011: Forecast for Disaster –La Nina Strikes with Bill Hunter

                                                                          Makeup Designer

                   2005-2011: Logies –Makeup Department

                   2010: Mattel Toy Lab –Makeup Department Head




USA: Sam Heughan   Alan Cumming   Sarita Choudhry   Zachery Booth                          

           Selenis Leyva    Meiko Harada     Kal Penn Robert Clohessy Vanilla Ice    

             Booboo Stewart Alice Ripley     Lyndie Greenwood   Sam Witner

             Kofi Siribo   Joal Nagle   Kathryn Danielle   Alison Charney

           Robert Davi    Chantelle Barry Vassy   Kevin Corrigan

Australia: Kylie Minogue                     Bill Hunter            Ruby Rose                  

                  Rachael Griffiths            Holy Valance      Pia Miranda

                    Daniel Johns                      Julia Zemiro       Brian McFadden



Music Clips

USA: Camera 2   Hell in Gramercy –Derek Nicoletto  Vassy

Australia: Silver Chair       Cat Empire          Clair Bowditch






USA: Sartorialist Portraits on Canvas for lands end   BreakupBuddy  

           Wells Fargo     Woolrich    Yotel   Bellagio   RayBan

           Cindy + Johnny          Ep_anoui   Lauder Family   Indego Africa Sebby;

         JCCManhattan        Rubenstein Public Relations     RayBan

Australia: BMW     Pringles     Bardot   Portman’s   David Jones

                 Nobu     ANZ     Jay Jays   Nestle   Logies Australia

                 Melbourne Theatre Company   Ford Motor Company




USA: Bello Magazine     Spirit and Flesh     Ouch Magazine

             Fucking Young     Thoughtfully Magazine     Moves Magazine

             People Style Watch     L-Magazine         Status Magazine

South America: Dress Mix (Uruguay)

Europe: UK Vogue   Austrian Deluxe Magazine Fault Eden Rocks Magazine  

Australia: Australian Vogue   New Idea   That’s Life     Manifesto